Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And The Academy Award For Best Father Goes Too...

...Ron Perlman. I don't think any other actor could say "I love you, son" while being splashed with molten metal and make it look convincing. It only gets worse from there. Yep, finally got around to seeing the "Conan" remake. Nope, can't believe Uwe Boll wasn't listed anywhere in the credits.

Yuck. So bad it isn't even rememberable. Bet "Scorpion King 3" makes a more lasting impression.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pineapple Tycoon

Remove ripe fruit from plant.

Decapitate fruit.

Plant crown in rich soil and wait.

Throw the damn thing away.

Game over, man!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Urban Archaeology

I entered the garage today. I had last trespassed the storage area of the carport about 1995, when I noticed leaking and decided to re roof it. There was a bit of rot, because I fell right through. ( Ten foot fall, nails and splintered wood everywhere, and I climb out without a scratch. These days, I'd be short a kidney. At least.)

Anyway, the time had come to do sort things out and salvage what was salvageable. I really didn't expect much, because it is all backed up to a prairie; unless it is hermetically sealed, there will be wildlife seeking shelter and the driveway slopes downward towards the storage area.

I was actually surprised. Much of what was in it had composted down to a scoopable layer, but there was quite a bit left in good shape.

What could it be?


Not squeak.

This shows the fallibility of memory. I thought I had last walked into storage about thirty seven years ago. A 'Star Wars" Burger King glass (real glass) shows human activity much later than that. Science my friends, science.