Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Pyst If You Can Find It. Much Better.

Yes, it's Myst the novel.  All 466 pages.

Sadly enough, Myst was one of four games I payed full price for.  The other three were Interstate '76, Afterlife, and a really forgettable Tomb Raider clone.  Of course, that is the result of me using Newsweek reviews for my gaming information in the early days.

Back to Myst.  I thought it was pretty, and I understand that many people just love it, but even with a cheat guide, I was too bored to progress much past the island itself.  So now they went and wrote a novel.  It can't be that good, because it's $1.25.  For 466 pages. 

Now for all I know it might be superb. My problem with this book, and so many others, is th' us'e of th'e a'post'rop'he to an' ex'cess'ive ex't'ent to fa'ke an alie'n lan'gu'ag'e.  I don't like stuttering while reading to myself.  I guess this will have to go on the unread shelf along with A Day in the Life of a Moon Rock and Clam: The Untold Story of that Icelandic Bivalve Dredged up in 2007.

Of course, if you can't make it through Myst, there are more action packed game based books out there:

You'll need MMX technology in your glasses

Monday, May 14, 2012

Against Kirk-Fu, No Defense

But it's pretty hard on the user as well. Lawdog broke his pinkie doing the Interlaced Overhead Hammer Chop a few days ago.  Beats breaking a rib or shoulder doing the Flying Feet to the Chest signature move.  What he needs now is a new style.  After careful consideration and review, I've decided that  Buck Rogers style is probably best.  (Since shooting them according to the tao of Solo isn't permitted yet.)  With Buck, there are a few judo throws here and there, but it's mostly kicks with one foot firmly on the ground and the other foot never rising high enough to crack the kicker in half.  Nice and safe.  Buck can also throw down the dance moves, which defuses any combat situation by impressing an opponent with your speed and coordination.
Pick out your best horns Darling while I get my dancing sash.

Found this one by accident while searching.  Must have blocked it out.

Yo!  Draconian Empire!  You've been served.

No wonder Princess Ardala figured she could take the Earth with one capital ship and Henry Silva.