Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lawnmower Man


  Come Autumn,  I'm down at S-Mart looking for the cheapest lawn mower they've got, then looking to see if it's on clearance.  I take care of my $85 machine, but if I get three years out of it, I'm lucky.  Then I'm back at S-Mart.  I can have the old repaired, but it will cost half the price of a new one, and won't be ready in the ninety minutes it takes to wait in the checkout line.

  It's a system which has worked for many years, but there is just one catch: I have to mow up to three full sized lots, and doing that with a push mower all these years is starting to lose it's luster.  Finally broke down and bought a "reconditioned" riding mower.  Guy I bought it from had hundreds of lawnmowers stacked in his work yard; he gets so many he told me he has to cram them into the body of an old car then have the car towed off.  Nice to know others share my attitude.  Anyway, for the first time I have enough money in a mower to care, and it's now raining...  And I never thought about a place to put it.

On a slightly related topic, here in town a few people (ok, a lot of) go around town on lawnmowers.  The retail chain I work for believes the best way to repair a parking lot is to pour gravel in the potholes.  Notice where this is going?  I got to be part of a drinking story as the foil who comes running out of the store waving his arms shouting "Disengage the blade!" 


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