Monday, November 22, 2010

So Spooky! So Horrific! So Sleepy...

  Pretty much your standard boy meets demon love story.  In a village there is a well whose water can heal the sick.  It can also do things like make you prettier, so it also draws the vain and greedy.  That attracts the attentions of succubi, who are basically lazy and like their sinners gathered in one place.  One succubus gets tired of killing just the evil and wants to try getting someone virtuous.  Enter boy scout Marc, who turns the tables and makes the succubus fall in love with him.  This is considered an outrage in demon society, so the rest of the succubi summon an incubus to help them get revenge. 

  Time for the points:

  Overall, not a bad B horror flick.  The location really does have an otherworldly feel to it, and the story does have some promise.  It is also lacking in action, so it's not a film to watch  when you are tired.  In this day and age, I'd show it to kids at bedtime.  Better than a glass of warm milk.

  Incubus was considered lost for many decades.  It was shown regularly in Paris yet was considered lost.  Hollywood needs to get out more.

  The Sci-Fi network paid for the restoration.  Near as I can tell, that involved putting big black bars over the French subtitles so English subtitles could be used.  Given the crap they push out the door, who is surprised?

  Subtitles are necessary because the film is entirely in Esperanto.   So far, it's the only(?) American(?)  film shot entirely in that language, and it's really a nice touch that adds to the movie.   There is something else I've noticed:  For a language that was invented to help unite people, Esperantists can be awfully snobby.  

  The trouble stems from the fact that the actors didn't speak Esperanto, therefore their pronunciation was a little off.  Instead of being grateful, Esperantists decided to go all clannish and deride the effort.  Human nature wins again.





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