Sunday, May 22, 2011


I would like to think that if I knew the world were coming to an end I would do country song worthy stuff, but I know myself, and I would probably go to work then spend the evening looking through RPG resource books. Kind of like what I did yesterday. (After I almost got raptured/ruptured by a semi which crossed my path trying to get to the gas station parking lot, exactly at six. Three cheers for not being worthy!)

I have more sympathy than anything else for those who gave up everything to await The End as foretold by Harold Camping. Times are tough and people, being people, are looking for easy answers, even if they come from a con man who may not be aware that he is one. At least those who ruined their lives gave up their jobs and their money instead of everyone else's.

To make it more clear, many of those who jeered the loudest should look hard at their own crazy religion and their prophets who proclaimed X number of years ago that the Arctic would be ice free in X number of years... and stop giving them MY money when they turn out to be constantly wrong!

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  1. Sorry Chris, I can't agree with ya on this one... They fell for it in 94 and again this time... They are their own worst enemies