Friday, May 13, 2011

Suddenly Worth It

There it is in my grubby little farmer hand. After zero rain, fires, burning winds and hail, my very first tomato. I'm cheating, because I bought this one with the tomatoes green on it, but the plants I grew from seed also went into the ground today so it's a process.

Taste? Actually very good. Tangy but not acidic. The skin is a bit thick from the dry conditions, but it is not a distraction from the overall texture which is neither oversoft burst nor fleshy with the horrible granular innards you get at the supermarket. If you don't like tomatoes, and I know a lot of people don't, you might try one off your own plant. Trust me, they are totally different when you grab them and eat them before the lifeforce drains out.


  1. I miss fresh tomatoes. It's just getting warm enough around here to plant them. Two weeks ago we were still getting snow.

  2. I saw your pictures. Down here, it's becoming crunch time if you want to plant.