Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open A Memorial Bag

Sad times. The inventor of Doritos has passed away. Apparently they plan on sprinkling Doritos on the grave of Arch West, who invented the stoner snack par excellence back in the early 60's. Even more significant is that people have been pointing out that he was 97 years young at the time of his passing.

I know that one example does not a fact make, but I'm one of those who feels that a lot of what we know about nutrition is wrong. Finding out what is wrong and what isn't, well, that's the problem.


  1. Interesting way to go.... Just sayin...

  2. FYI you might get a kick out of reading the "The Wellness Project"


  3. I think I will. I have an interest in nutrition, and the doc recommends books, but as he says "Read them as science fiction."