Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Has Died

I guess that's it, then.

I first read him when Mother Teresa was at her most popular and he was determined to take her down. From my early perspective, he was the lead spear carrier of the sneer movement: If the Revolution fails, stand back and make snide remarks. Unlike those of his ilk who infest the world of commentary today, he had the intellectual chops to back it up.

He was right about Mother Teresa. She was in love with the idea of poverty. (To change things for the poor in Calcutta would take, well, revolution, although I would make it of the "teach a man to fish" kind.)

In his later years, he became more popular among conservatives due to his pro Iraq War policy. In a way, he reminded me of Charton Heston: A man who stuck by his views regardless of what was trendy.


  1. Concur on the chops to back it up. I didn't always agree with him, but he DID back up what he said!

  2. Or change his opinion to go along to get along. He would of been one of those I would of liked to have debated in person. He probable would have distroyed me. Oh,.... but it would of been fun.