Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Urban Archaeology

I entered the garage today. I had last trespassed the storage area of the carport about 1995, when I noticed leaking and decided to re roof it. There was a bit of rot, because I fell right through. ( Ten foot fall, nails and splintered wood everywhere, and I climb out without a scratch. These days, I'd be short a kidney. At least.)

Anyway, the time had come to do sort things out and salvage what was salvageable. I really didn't expect much, because it is all backed up to a prairie; unless it is hermetically sealed, there will be wildlife seeking shelter and the driveway slopes downward towards the storage area.

I was actually surprised. Much of what was in it had composted down to a scoopable layer, but there was quite a bit left in good shape.

What could it be?


Not squeak.

This shows the fallibility of memory. I thought I had last walked into storage about thirty seven years ago. A 'Star Wars" Burger King glass (real glass) shows human activity much later than that. Science my friends, science.

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