Thursday, March 1, 2012

Race To The Bottom

The Bruce Wayne of our universe, Richard Branson, is in a race with filmmaker James Cameron to see who can revisit Challenger Deep, the deepest known point of the ocean. Cameron is going with the more or less standard spherical vehicle, while the Branson team is using a sleeker streamlined vessel from designer Graham Hawkes. Good luck to both teams, as well as dark horse Triton Submarines (no rich guy yet).

That's about it for now. All I can say is good luck, and it's about time. Two people have gone to the absolute depth of the ocean, and that was back in 1960. Once.

Also, ever noticed that no one ever claimed the dive of the Trieste was a conspiracy?


  1. Don't give em any ideas Chris... And good luck to all three teams!

  2. "The Bruce Wayne of our universe, Richard Branson..."

    Dang, I wish I'd said that!