Monday, July 23, 2012

Just A Random Thought

This will seem sick and insensitive, but let's be thankful the Aurora shooter only had guns.  Imagine the carnage if he had his PhD in neuroscience before pulling a Joker and wanting to "see the world burn."

This is one of the things that does worry me.  Technology is progressing in leaps and bounds and it's only a matter of time before someone cooks up a virus or toxin in his or her basement lab.  Actually, I think it's a testament to the goodness or laziness of mankind that it hasn't happened on a wider scale by now.

Two  other thoughts:  I hope the "humans are a cancer on the Earth" types start getting their due attention.  I fear them more than I fear Islamic radicals, Christianists or the Tea Party.  Second, all those James Bond movies where the villain is plotting the end of millions don't seem like fantastic escapist fiction anymore.


  1. Good point Chris, it COULD have been much worse...

  2. Concur. If it had been like that attack on a Russian theatre/cinema there would have been _hundreds_ dead.

  3. Hell, a couple cans of gasoline and a flare could have caused as much loss of life and injuries. Or a couple of pipe bombs.