Thursday, August 2, 2012

False Flag! It's A False Flag Operation!

I guess by this time everyone has seen the video of a jerk giving the window girl at Chick-fil-A a hard time.

It tastes good not because it's free, but because it's been filtered through Christian values.

This is so much of a farce, you wonder if it has to be part of a joke.  Regardless, it shows how the liberal left has become it's own worst enemy.

I admire how she handles him; she repeats the company line in a fairly calm manner.  Not me.  My defense mechanism in such a situation is to start an uninterrupted discourse of all the foolish  mistakes the company has made followed by a lecture of how I personally have been wronged... Wronged!  by the corporate suits. Works every time.  They sympathize with your plight and leave the store promising to do whatever it takes to get you a raise.

I have to be careful though.  Last week the big boss went to a meeting where the bigger boss announced that spies had been working the stores in the district photographing everyone at work  "..and why don't we dim the lights and look at the slides now?" My DM immediately looks for a window to throw himself out of when yours truly pops up on a slide, and is pointed out as an example of the company work ethos.  My secret?  Always have something in your hand, and perfect the retail version of Zoolander's "Magnum".  A focused look, but never questioning.  You are the master of the data, and it amuses you.  Slightly.  I've spent months walking around a store with a sheaf of green and white computer paper on a clipboard and absolutely no idea what to do with it.  Of course it all comes around, so I've walked into offices where the manager has been writing gibberish for years with no one finding out.


  1. That's brilliant. I wish I would have that of carrying a clipboard around when I worked at Wal-mart. I could have avoided so much crap.

  2. LOL, if it works, it's NOT wrong...

  3. Oh, dear. I've never been to a Chick-fil-A in my life, but I went, just to shoot the bird at those who oppose. Here's your sign.

  4. Oops. That statement appears to be ambiguous. To clarify: I am definitely in favor of freedom of speech, and that especially includes Chick-fil-A. I am not so in favor of those who physically and verbally harrass people for expressing their opinions. Get over it.