Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes Virginia, You Can Run A Country On Unicorn Farts.

For an election that didn't change the presidency, the House or the Senate, this was probably one of the most historic elections of all time.  Ideology has now triumphed over reality.  We are now a corrupt banana republic continent sized Greece, and no one cares.  The people have spoken, and this is what they want, as long as someone else pays for it.  If I were the Republicans, I would think for a while about making a hard step to the left, and giving America what it wants in spades, then forming a new party to clean up the mess.


  1. The problem is that everyone is in love with a concept and not reality. I can't see Romney as anything but Democrat Lite. Obama accomplished very little in his four years, but everyone I talk to heaps accolades and false accomplishments on him.

    The Republicans failed to nominate an effective politician. The Republicans failed to appropriately respond when they were insulted for saying what needed to be said.

    Unfortunately, that is politics. Give the people what they want and don't make any waves.

    I'm not enthused.

  2. I have to conclude that you are trying to get the government to regulate unicorn farts. So far they have remained under the radar, now you have blown it.

    It is on your head.

    Grace and peace.