Friday, April 12, 2013

Chris' News In Reviews

Lot been happening in the world.  Been having a slight illness problem, but I still follow current events.

On gun control:  If there is nothing wrong with a background check to purchase a firearm, I don't see any problem with showing an I.D. to vote.  Come on Republicans, make a link and hold the other side to it.  Grow a spine already.

On the death of Baroness Thatcher and the subsequent jubilation:  I remember a time when the term "English disease" meant an economic state where everyone was constantly on strike and made shoddy products on the three days they bothered to show up.  (Much feared in the newly industrial parts of the world and studied intensively.)  Now, as much as I admire Sir Clive and his wonderful products, it tells how low you've sunk when Margaret Thatcher gives away Spectrums as the best example of what British industry is capable of four years after becoming PM.

She also won her war.  It's a lesson for those of us on the other side of the pond, especially modern Republicans who get possessed by the spectre of Woodrow Wilson and decide that they need to remake the enemy in thy own image rather than stomp the crap out of them and go home.

Her death brought out the worst of progressive misbehavior.  I can't help but feel they have a real problem with women.  Here you have a child of the middle class who was trained as a chemist, and they can't stand her. Weird.  Anyway, she showed them that they were wrong, and they will never forgive her for it.

On King Kim of Korea:  No one seems to know what he's doing.  He may not either.  Near as I can tell he's just trying to show everyone who's boss.  The trouble is that none of these junior dictators have the sense of timing their fathers had.

If I were advising Kim, I'd tell him to get into offshore banking. Imagine the Cayman Islands with an A-bomb.  I'd bet no one would bully them into giving up their account information.  May be tricky explaining that banking isn't the same thing as counterfeiting though. Still, one they got it I'd bet your money would be far safer than in any free world bank.

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