Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So I Saw The Preview For "Kick Ass 2" Today

And was all "Hooray!"  Then I saw Jim Carrey and was all "Uhhhh..."
Carrey is one of those actors who has played the same manic character over and over again his whole career, and it never really jibed with me.  He can be good at it, but sometimes for the wrong reason.  The Cable Guy really terrified me; Carrey can be unsettling with his crazy.

I thought about it more and remembered that Carrey has some experience in comic book movies and felt a little better about it, then realized that the good thing about The Mask was Cameron Diaz and the good thing about Batman Forever was Tommy Lee Jones.  On the other hand, Kick Ass was the superhero movie Nicolas Cage should have been making all along, so fingers crossed.

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  1. As per my understanding: If KA2 follows the comic version then we won't have Jim Carrey on screen for all that long.

    However, Hollywood often takes liberties with such scripts. Sometimes it turns our well. (Look at Walking Dead.) Sometimes it does not. (Too many examples to list.) In the first Kick Ass movie, our hero revealed his identity to the romantic interest and it lead to a love story. In the comic, it lead to our hero getting pushed out of a window. But Hollywood has to have it's romance and happy endings.