Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've Been:

Mourning Pete Seeger.

No, not really.  He's another one of those important personages that I should really have known about, but didn't until all of the accolades at the time of his death.  I spent a lot of the 70's listening to his music and while I enjoyed it's folksy charm as a kid it does tend to grate lightly today.

A lot of the debate around the time of his death concerns just how much of a communist he was.  Seems to me his intentions were pure, but like most useful idiots he didn't let details cloud his dreams.  Of course, given the recent revelation that the CIA funded Abstract Expressionism it's a good bet he was a useful idiot to them as well, but then again I don't know much about the guy.


  1. It is interesting to consider the Whole Person of our societal luminaries, because so often we get only minor snippets- a tiny peek in to what that person is actually about. We take a lot at face value, and we tend to feel like we've got the full picture because that snippet could be personally profound and meaningful, when in fact, the big picture with no-holds-barred can reveal something utterly venal and profane. What curious creatures we are.