Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Cat Fact #2

  Did you know that if you leave a netbook unattended, a passing cat will pull the keys off the keyboard?  Do you also know that finding replacement keys for an off brand netbook can take actual searching?  

  It's really my fault.  I've always had a weakness for off brand technology.  Part of it is simple penny pinching, part of it is the whole "I can make that horse a champion" attitude.  As a result, I've got a couple of cat-proof boxes filled with Armour All protected computer peripherals.  

  Style is also important.  I still like the 70's futuristic.

  President Chris:  "Make the Air Force use the curveless pointy planes with the big delta wings again!  Make them all matte white with smoked glass windows and bright tail art!"

  Secretary of Defense:  "Do you want a Van Damme knot on your head?"

  I sell this stuff off too.  I had a 99 cent PDA which I had bought because I was floating to the surface of my company and thought I needed something cool to store phone numbers.  Something cool like what Al Gore would use.  Took a day to switch back to the lighter, tougher, and more readable pencil and scrap paper.  I sold it later; apparently it was the controller to a medical device  "...and can you send it overnight?  The patient really needs it."  I can only imagine the markup.

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