Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince Marries. Hats Involved.

Well, it looks like the first wedding of the century has gone off without any problems. I guess all the protesters stayed home, and the terrorists, being political beasts, knew the only thing that might anger the inhabitants of Yob Isle would be an attack on the Royal Family.

So that brings up the question: Based solely on what you have learned by reading in the checkout line while waiting for the lady ahead of you to finish writing her check and fumble for her drivers license, which member of the Royal Family would you give a gun to in a fight?


  1. Definitely Prince Harry. While both he AND his brother are military men, Prince Harry has a certain glint in his eye...

  2. Well....Harry has already spent his time calling in air support in combat so.....gotta give it to him. If he can lift his head away from talking to the AC-130 on orbit and the Jaguars rolling in hot long enough I expect he'd do just fine with a pistol.

  3. Either Prince Harry or his uncle Andrew. Harry fought in Afghanistan, and Andrew flew helicopters in the Falklands.