Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Song

Heard "Thriller" on the radio today on the way to work. Guess that means that the Halloween festivities are formally kicking off. I'd much prefer "Werewolves of London", but for some reason, the local stations have made the Jackson classic the official song of the season. It's odd, because out here we are at the intersection of Cowboy St. and Hillbilly Ave. Guess it cuts across all lines. Personally, I can't stand it. The song itself isn't so bad once or twice, but it came out about the time I discovered listening to music on the radio as a standard pastime. I'm one of these people who can listen to one song for hours, but "Thriller" was pushing me over the edge. Even the headbangers I thought were cool had the cassette.

I fear with the trial of Dr. Murray underway, I'll be hearing a lot more of it.


  1. "Werewolves of London" would be my choice also. Never did care for "Thriller", myself. I'd even rather hear this old classic than Michael Jackson.

  2. Glad I'm pretty deaf, so it's all white noise :-)

  3. Ever notice how easily the keyboard riff from Werewolves of London adapts to Sweet Home Alabama?

    Saw a werewolf with a day-old Moon Pie in his hand
    In a rusty old Camaro, blastin' through a yellow light,
    Out-of-date plates propped up on the back deck with a brick.
    If he stays off the brakes, he'll be all right.
    Ah-hooooooo ... Werewolves of Alabama ...

    Not being a Yankee, I can get away with that.

    In most places, anyhow. (Who knew there were so many Skynrd fans in New London?)

  4. Give me Purple People Eater any day.

    Halloween makes me miss the Doctor Demento show. True that it's streamed online now but I miss it from when I listened to it on the radio.