Monday, May 14, 2012

Against Kirk-Fu, No Defense

But it's pretty hard on the user as well. Lawdog broke his pinkie doing the Interlaced Overhead Hammer Chop a few days ago.  Beats breaking a rib or shoulder doing the Flying Feet to the Chest signature move.  What he needs now is a new style.  After careful consideration and review, I've decided that  Buck Rogers style is probably best.  (Since shooting them according to the tao of Solo isn't permitted yet.)  With Buck, there are a few judo throws here and there, but it's mostly kicks with one foot firmly on the ground and the other foot never rising high enough to crack the kicker in half.  Nice and safe.  Buck can also throw down the dance moves, which defuses any combat situation by impressing an opponent with your speed and coordination.
Pick out your best horns Darling while I get my dancing sash.

Found this one by accident while searching.  Must have blocked it out.

Yo!  Draconian Empire!  You've been served.

No wonder Princess Ardala figured she could take the Earth with one capital ship and Henry Silva.



  1. Chris,
    LD won't listen to just anyone - you take care of him - understand...Max Lerner stated "I want to die young at an advanced age." Keep him going...there are too many of us who relish his existence.

  2. I heart this post so much it hurts.

  3. I love how the glittery light shit on those rollerskates make them look like whored-up minnie mouse shoes. OSSUM!