Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Internet Smells Of Ozone And Tastes Like Mildew

So I've been having some internet connection problems, especially during bad weather. It's odd, because storms haven't caused much disruption in the past, but the periods of internet outage were growing longer and longer. I did what I could, then called the provider, who assured me that everything was OK on his end. I was plugging and unplugging every cable, and let the cord from the antenna to the power drop to the floor by accident. Water dropped out. Apparently the antenna had weathered through and water got into the line, shutting down internet. When it dried, everything came back.

One of the reasons I delayed getting help is that we are having the very same problem at work, and we have a similar system. Guess I'd better go make a phone call...

If you happen to be lost in a giant supercomputer, cut a cat5 vine for a refreshing drink.

1 comment:

  1. That is just... wow. Who'd a thunk that the water would be getting into the cable?

    We have an issue with loss of internet and cable signal at our house. Apparently it's from static electricity build-up. I have to crawl under the house and unhook the cabling, touch it to the foundation to discharge it, and then reassemble it all.