Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Capitalist Running Dog: Please Send Money

  Whilst the cats had me disconnected from the universe, I had to watch some satellite.  As they say, there is not much on, but I have to say I do enjoy watching Link TV from time to time.  They  have an agenda as one might imagine, but by and large they keep their picks interesting and their hosts seem to be pleasant, in a Napa Valley sort of way.  Not too sure about Amy Goodman though; she has the smoldering gaze of the true believer, but she does allow her guests ample time to respond to questions without the constant interruptions and shouting which has come to signify cable news, and she deserves full credit for that.  Even though I disagree often, it's still a relaxing way to find out what others are thinking.

  Right now they are having a pledge drive.  They get a large part of their funding from foundations, which of course get their money from capitalism.  The irony is so thick and creamy I want to drip it on a piece of toast. Will I be sending my pledge?  Nope.  My view is "You know, if taxes were lowered, people would have more money to spend as they see fit, which would mean more money for you.  And your foundations."

   Jonathan, Sabrina is up in the stands with me.  Don't know why I would bring here here; the other day she burst into tears for no reason and I couldn't understand anything she was saying.  Doesn't matter, we'll find out soon enough.  Enough distractions.  Listen to me: You've been here before.  The gladiator was too tough, so I arranged to have a lion instead.  Look!  I bribed myself so I got my Chuck E. Cheese tokens back!  Anyway, I told you last time that the animals here were in bad shape from crowding, disease, starvation, whatever.  I'm sorry, but I was way off.  You're going to face Ajax of "Ten Slaves in Ten Seconds" fame.  He's a bit of a prima donna.  He has his own chamber and he likes to have his mane curled before a show.  He uh,  mauled you a bit last time, so you must do as I say.  You have to run like hell and veer off to the left, got it?  No running in circles!  Okay, let's get it right this time.  

  Holy Crap!  That's an elephant!  Jonathan, run in circles!  Wave your arms!  Wave your arms!

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