Monday, August 16, 2010

I Keep Having This Dream Where I Forget to Turn in My "Avatar" Essay

  Saw Avatar twice in the theatre and thought  it was passable.  What I liked the best was the amount of detail put into everything.   (Except the script.)  So often I see a movie that has very good creature effects, but then it is all ruined when you see a tree on the alien planet which looks just like the one in your back yard.  I suspect so much has been put into this movie the tiny little buzzing insects were given tiny little detailed insect bodies, and some time in the future you will be able to focus in on one of them with your DethRay DVD and see them going about their tiny little insect business.

  That's what makes it bad.  I don't have  BluRay or LCD, so without the magic of theatre seating the standard def DVD doesn't leave you anything to wonder at, except the script, and that is for all the wrong reasons.  Methinks this is the first movie designed for the hi-definition crowd, and it should be considered that way, much like Tron was a showcase for computer graphics.

  If you like the Larry of Araby theme in movies, this will do the trick, but if you want something just like it you can watch on that TV with the rabbit ears, you can get the same experience with Ferngully.   Or Battle for Terra.  Or Pocahontas.   


  1. Hell, I thought this WAS an updated version of Pocahontas...

  2. except that Pocahontas has a better script...that would be the Disney animated version...


  3. I watched it on a small screen in a tattoo shop. It pretty much utterly obviated the effect of the super-awesome visuals, plus of course I was in pain at the time.

    It took some nine thousand words to adequately convey my displeasure.