Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dictator To Minions: The World Hates An Australian Kid More Than Me!

  I saw the video of the bully getting body slammed by his victim today.  Contrary to my own expectations,  I actually feel sorry for the bully.  I mean, the kid followed all the rules:  He didn't pick on anyone smaller or younger than himself, and he walked off his asswhooping without the cowardly blubbering we are told to expect from bullies who get their just desserts.

  Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, and this kid is now famous world wide.  As the bad guy.  Twelve years old.  Much like a lauded child actor, I see a lot of alcohol and drug abuse in his future.

  I love it when experts tell us that TV and movies might make kids violent.  The first anti-bullying movie I saw was My Bodyguard, and I think The Karate Kid was the last with a lot in between.  You know, I don't think any of them made any sort of difference in schoolyard bullying. 

  By the way, I would have aimed the little snot at the curb.


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