Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Emir Strikes Back

  I happen to agree with the President in regards to Libya.  Doing nothing is a sound strategy, and if you waffle long enough, many problems will resolve themselves.  Of course, knowing when to waffle and when to "Do Something!" is the hallmark of a good politician.  My concern with the President's policy is that it is not being made out of sound political judgment, but rather paralysis from discovering that one of the flamboyant rogue types so beloved of a certain class here in the U.S. isn't as popular with his own people as made out.

  Khadaffi is popular enough to make Libya a civil war.  Problem with a civil war is that if you jump in on one side, it makes the other side your enemy.  Problem with Islam at this point in history is that if Gadhafi manages to bring down an American plane he will suddenly be the new Saladin taking a whack at the Crusaders.  Even the anti-Kadaffy forces will declare themselves proud before they go back to demanding more aircraft patrols.  Silly?   Remember that a Kosovar in Germany just shot Americans on their way to Afghanistan.  

  I feel sorry for all those Libyan diplomats who defected early on.  I doubt they did anything out of courage and just thought Quadafi's ouster was a slam dunk.  Probably wishing they sat in the corner and  mumbled vague neutralness right now.



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  1. "Nothing is often a wise thing to do, and always a wise thing to say."
    Will Durant
    Unfortunately, His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama is a poor judge of the appropriateness of the former, and constitutionally (heh) incapable of the latter.