Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh God, Where's The Iodine?

Oops. Just a very mild dust storm blowing through. It now seems like the Japanese reactors are not going to turn in to Chernobyl+Three Mile Island times a zillion. The disappointment is almost palpable. I don't know if this ever happened in the past, but the desire for bad things to happen so your particular point or view will be justified and your enemies put in their place is a phenomenon that I've seen really ramp up in the last ten years or so.

I'm kind of surprised the green types haven't jumped on the idea of ocean fallout as a good thing. After all, it would buy the bluefin tuna a few more years if the fear of radiation kept some out of the fish market.

I didn't know that tuna were apex predators and that squid were a mainstay of their diet. I knew vaguely that squid were increasing their numbers to the point that the oceans in the pretty close future (about the time the polar icecaps melt, so take it with a grain of salt) are going to be squidville.

So there we have it. The mighty atom teaming up with the persecuted tuna to defend the surface dwellers against the cephalopodic menace. Take that Winnie the Windmill. All you have done is chop up about a billion birds.

More nukes!

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