Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crop Duster

I could totally see him mouthing "Rat-tat-tat".

Saw a crop duster on my way to work the other morning. He was working both sides of the highway, and that was as high as he would get, probably to keep motorists from driving off the road while squishing themselves down in their seats. Personally, I roll up the windows as fast as
I can and shut off the vents while speeding up. Those pesticides are bad business.
Nevertheless, it's fun to watch. That strip of green at the bottom of the photo is the field he was spraying, and he had just leveled off after climbing up out of it, and I mean out of it. I would swear that this part of Texas is pancake flat, but there are spots low enough to hide a plane for ten seconds or so.


  1. LOL, he's not low unless his wheels are turning when he pulls up!

  2. I used to watch the mosquito abatement people back when I worked on a ranch for a while. I sweat that guy used to get his wheels wet sometimes.