Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remember When...

...winning the war meant the issue was settled? Yeah, me neither.

Some thoughts on the thirty year anniversary of the Falklands War.
  • It was a big waste of life and treasure. If the Argentines had kept up gentle but steady pressure, with face saving compromises, the Falklands would be theirs by now. The same applies to Spain in regards to Gibraltar. The United States is making the same error in regards to Cuba. No, there is no territorial claim, but isolating Cuba is the best thing that could ever happen to the government there. (Paranoid Chris thinks pinko commies in the State Dept. play a role in the embargo because they want a socialist workers paradise reservation somewhere where the culture isn't based on potatoes.)
  • Nationalism really gets the people going. It's too bad the left can only see American nationalism. If any other government starts a war to bolster popularity at home, it's seen as a legitimate complaint.
  • Argentina should take a long look at itself and ask why the Kelpies don't want to cross over.
  • Ever since the longbow, the British make their equipment the hero. Everyone knows the Harrier won the war.
  • I think more lives have been lost and more territory has exchanged hands on the assumption that "They won't fight" and "Our fighting spirit renders us bulletproof". In regards to the Falklands conflict though, sheer toughness won the day.
  • Speaking of British character, that has to be the only country in the world in which sinking an enemy combatant in the middle of losing your own ships left, right and center is considered by some to be a war crime.
  • The Nobel continues it's slide into irrelevancy. What ever happened to self determination, Bishop Tutu?
  • What is it with the left that protests the ruling junta and thousands of missing people, then demands that a population submit to the same ruling junta?

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