Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking For A Straw Hat And Coveralls.

We were a little behind on our price changes last week, so I spent some time printing up fresh shelf labels. I have to say that for the first time I was shocked at the jump in the cost of basic foodstuffs like flour and cooking oil. I usually just pay whatever, because you have to have them anyway. This time though, I marched over to the garden section when I clocked out and bought a small selection of seeds and dirts.

My luck with plants is spotty at best, but with the price of vegetables as they are I'll count myself ahead if I can get one sorry tomato seedling to produce.


  1. I like raising tomatoes; the ones in the store just don't taste right. Depending on the amount of garden space you have, you'd be surprised how much stuff you can grow.

  2. Not much, but you know how things can snowball. I'm looking for enough space for the fruit trees.

  3. My best advice is: water regularly. Seedlings can survive a lot, but drought will get 'em every time.