Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rock Me Dr. Zaurus

  After blogging about my PDA that I had sold, I realized that I still needed a small word processing device that was cheap enough that I could leave it in a hot car or drop it without major wailing and gnashing of teeth.  After a few minutes of searching, I had found something in the "For Parts Or Not Working" section and paid my two dollars.  I was feeling lucky or arrogant enough to think I could fix it...  and I was right!  I'm going to start a new business:  Buy crapped out PDA.  Change batteries.  Profit.  Or, Buy crapped out PDA.  Press reset button.  Profit.

  Oddly enough, when I flipped the unit over to get to the battery compartment I noticed that it came from The University of X Medical Center.   There were deep scratches around the battery case, as if the other batteries had tried to save their trapped comrades or someone had tried to pry open the case instead of using the screwdriver to take out the screw holding the battery case in place.   

  It bothers me that I've never seen one of these machines in real life, much less held one on my hand, yet I knew from looking at a cellphone picture what needed to be done.  More importantly, I knew that it has a back-up battery (it's mid 90's HPC) to keep all your patient's medical data safe and sound.  (Note "Press reset button" above.)  I hope enough of these are being left in airports and hotel rooms around the globe labeled "Sekret Joo Data" to offset all those who assume they are dead and put them on eBay.


  1. You'd better disinfect that thing, Sport. ;)

  2. I'd be checking memory to see how many patient records are still sitting on it...