Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes. It Is Necessary For Me To Cover You With Cat Litter.

  Got back from exile to discover that there was not one, not two, not three, but four accident reports on the office desk. I investigated by standing around until someone came running to tell me what happened.  Apparently, a customer knocked a bottle of dish soap on to the floor and didn't tell anyone.  Another customer noticed the spill and told an employee.  While she was getting a wet floor sign, a third customer came along and fell in the puddle of soap.  When the employee heard the scream, she came running, then slipped and fell while helping the other customer up.  They are lying there in a tangle when yet another customer of the old lady type comes along, picks up and moves the wet floor sign, then walks into them and slips herself while the customer and employee shout "Nooooo...!"   No one is hurt until the employee stands up and cracks her head on the old lady's shopping cart.  She complains about nausea and dizziness, so she gets an ambulance ride.  

  My first question was  "Did you get a picture?"   Our last accident was in February when a delivery man ran over my foot with a loaded cart.  I took a picture of my foot, but I first took a picture of the driver as he stood off to the side looking at my squished toes.  (Lucky for me, it was so cold nothing swelled up to any alarming degree.)   Second question was "Did you reset the accident clock, or are we even bothering?"


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