Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Is One High Paid Monkey

  The powers at corporate decided long ago that because it's Texas, everybody in Texas spends all their time grilling something on the BBQ.  Ergo, they always send out far too many grills every spring to join the heaps that exist in countless store rooms across the state.  We've had some around so long they rusted out while waiting for someone to take them home.

  Anyway, District has come by to give a hand moving furniture around in order to make space for all the Christmas which is backing up in a bad way.  He's putting shelving together and notices that a piece is missing, so we go into the back to find it.  He's about to give up hope when I spy one. Hanging from the ceiling, naturally.  He asks why a twenty pound piece of metal is stuck  in amongst all the girders, pipes and whatnot.  I shrug and go looking for the ladder.  When I get back, he's already made one.  More like stairs actually, out of a stack of grills.  Thing is, all the ones he is stepping on have been crushed.  He look at me and says,  "They are standing grills."

  At least he didn't do the Mentos thumb up thing, I thought as I went looking for the rubber mallet.



  1. Just hope YOU don't get blamed for the damage...

  2. The neglect begins at the warehouse. A lot of stuff comes in pretty banged up to begin with. Standard problem: No one wants to work, but no one wants to pay for quality loading either.

  3. Yep. That's why they pay him the big bucks.