Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greatest Thing I've Seen All Year ('Til The Election)

  When you combine this with the Jacques Cousteau documentaries of the period with their poetic  "Zee beauty and zee savagery off zee deep" you get a powerful one-two punch that left no doubt that we would soon have suburbs in the deep where the kids would have a pet dolphin and the parents put on wetsuits to go to work doing something...  underwaterish...?

 Not too long after, reality paid a visit and decreed that living underwater would be cold, humid, cramped, dark, and dangerous, the kind of environment humans like to avoid. Still, hope springs eternal so there are people and (short lived) companies and countries (talking to you, Dubai) out there still tinkering away at the idea of making it work.  

 Hey, if Gerry and Sylvia Anderson could do an underwater puppet show and make it awesome over forty years ago, surely someone can do the same in real life! 


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