Friday, October 1, 2010

We'll Get Good Pictures Of The Fire

  Back in the pre-computer age, the powers that be decided that the office should have a motion sensor.  Pennies a day could be saved by having the lights, fan, and adding machine shut off if no one was there.  Computers arrive and we have a big problem.  Since the office outlets are on the motion sensor, we have to sneak an extension cord over to one of the other two outlets in the back room: the hot water heater or the AC unit.  We already toasted the AC plug once by adding the fridge and microwave; they've stood idle ever since an electrician shouted "WHO THE HELL DID THIS?"

  So we get a new camera system.  The old was pretty useless; the new suggests that corporate may be taking the shoplifting plague seriously.  Anyway, the techs install the system, show us how to use it then take to the road, happy in the thought that no one is watching the watchers.  We admire the system for a few minutes then wander up front to the monitor which hangs from the ceiling warning everyone we now have improved surveillance.     NO SIGNAL says the blue screen.  They plugged it in to the office circuit.  We spent the rest of the morning throwing extension cords through the girders, climbing up to find them and calling out "Ok, pull on that one!"

  P.S.-  The manager saw some kids kneeling by the battery display and ran up to tell them we had a new camera system.  They laughed out loud and sauntered out.  It's just a bump in the road, even to amateurs. 

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