Thursday, October 28, 2010


  A floor buffing crew was supposed to come by last night to clean the floors.  The week before Halloween isn't really the best time to do this stuff, but what can you do?  We spent the afternoon picking everything off the floor, then waited.  And waited.  

  So we played hockey.  For Christmas we got a shipment of these hover disk things.  Put in six D  batteries, flip the switch and you have a little hovercraft, perfect for swatting across the floor with brooms. I was kind of surprised it could float with all the weight of the batteries, but it did, but only for about five minutes.  

  Got to work this morning, and the crew was outside in their cleaning van, fast asleep.  They claimed they were delayed...  

  "I have your schedule.  I know which store you were at last."

  Got lost...

 "There is only one road and a big lighted sign."

  I called their company to reschedule, and mused about telling them their crew was probably off drunk.  It wouldn't have done any good, because they replace them with the very same type of people.  I seriously think they drive down skid row and offer a bottle of malt liquor to anyone who wants to climb in the van and go on a road trip.  At least these guys weren't totally scary.  Let's try to keep them!

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