Monday, October 11, 2010

Why You Want Three Witnesses

  Found an empty binoculars carton sitting on top of the dog food.  I had just walked past, so I knew the theft had been within the last few minutes.  I wasted no time in hurrying back to the camera system, where I spent a few minutes reviewing the film from the electronics aisle.  There they were.  A big kid standing with his back to the camera blocking the view while his pint sized accomplice grabbed the merchandise.  I jotted down the time, then went about my duties.  (They were long gone.)  

  Next day, I told the manager all about it and we examine the footage.  Can't find anything.  4:20, Camera 6, black t-shirt says my handwritten note.  Nothing.  Go back to 4:00 and up to 4:40, still nothing.  Manager says, "What about that one in the black t-shirt?"  At 4:47.  

  At least I got the number and gender correct. 


  1. Good point, but at least 'main' points were correct... :-)

  2. I did it again! I thought he was wearing a white t-shirt the first time I reviewed the film and thought that was what I wrote. When I get to work I'm going to see if my note is still there.