Friday, October 15, 2010

Wyoming: America's Electrical Industrial Complex

  For some reason, geothermal power hasn't featured as loudly as solar and wind in the national energy debate.  It's probably because you can't display a geothermal system like a flag like you can with your windmill.  All that needs to change, though.  It turns out that the United States is sitting on top of the world's largest collection of geothermal hot spots, of which Yellowstone National Park is the biggest and brightest.

  "Yellowstone is a park!  The geysers are a national treasure!"  They are saying already.  I know; there is a lot of resistance to overcome before we can tap into this energy powerhouse.  That's why I have prepared a small pamphlet.

Did You Know...?

Yellowstone is a frozen wasteland where the temperature dipped to minus sixty-six degrees Fahrenheit?

There is no Kennedy Compound near Yellowstone?

Buffalo can live anywhere in the United States, including Cape Cod?

The wolves of Yellowstone are carriers of lycanthropy?

Geysers are found in all major cities?  They are called "fountains" and won't scald you to death.

The Frost and Fire Giants (Jotun) plot the destruction of humanity from within Yellowstone, which they call Muspelheim?  

Tapping into the Jotun's superweapon for energy pleases the gods and helps stave off Ragnarok?

Iceland's moonscape is the cleanest moonscape in the world because they use geothermal power?

Power plants will provide jobs for homeless bears who currently have to eat out of trash cans?

Technical problems associated with geothermal energy are easier to overcome than making the sun shine in a storm or having the wind blow at a constant speed?

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