Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Power Of The Old Ones Weakens

  Jordan is bored, asks "What do you want to talk about?"  I do the whole "Ok, Han Solo vs. Captain Kirk in a fistfight."  No clue whatsoever who the two were.  I'm naturally outraged, so we march over to our geek, computer programmer waiting to go into the Army Sean, and ask him to explain who the two are.  The only thing we got sorted out is that Solo is the helmsman of the Enterprise and they fight with "lighty swords."

  Thinking about it, I shouldn't have been surprised.  It's been a good span of time since Kirk and Solo were on the big screen (the latest Star Trek doesn't count) so we should expect them to start fading from the common memory.  Also, I think William Shatner's tactic of embracing the suck has worked for him, and for the first time in decades he is famous for being Shatner.  I was able to tell Jordan who Kirk was by saying "He was played by the 'Priceline' guy."


  1. For one who grew up watching those folks, this is sad.

    I realize that time passes but darn -- icon's shouldn't fade that fast.

  2. Just goes to prove the current generation has the attention span and memory of a gnat... Anything older or longer than 30 seconds is gone...

  3. I tried to use "Star Wars" as a way of getting a point across in my 7th grade history class and got nothing but blank stares. I guess it would be a waste of time to refer to Bing Crosby.